Citrus Peels

Open eyes,

Ajar door…


Your sky is

My reach,

A heaven-twisted

Reverie tucked

Behind the eyelash curtains…


Psalm as heavy

In piano keys jutting down

With weight,

As words you mark

My own with…


Pleasant awakening

With steady sweeps

Of heart chamber rhythms,

Loosened to a warm stove

Of loving feelings you’ve

Carried to me on

Elevated wings…


It is the hearth

Of humility

I’ve seen you



Promised in God’s name

You’ll have HER blessing…


My tree of youth

Takes its leaves

Beneath its bows

For your shelter,

A calamity unraveled

In peaceful serenity.


All I see are the wholes

Of citrus peels

Entwining their

Shapes to


And undone are

The innards they

Bind them selves with,

As they are the

Steady remnants of

Dreams God fastened

Them to…

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