Mac Beauty Expo in SF!

A pink outdoor beauty parlor came into my view as I stepped off the 5 bus on Powell.  Several women came up to me and asked if I knew about the event and if I wanted to get my makeup done by Mac professionals.  I said, “Why not?  I had no idea this awesome event was happening!”  I proceeded to get my makeup done by a woman who manages a store in San Jose and whose passion is helping inner city youth.  She put a smokey brown eye shadow on me with black liquid liner and a coral lip.  I absolutely love coral for spring/summer!  Take me to the tropics on a cruise with this gorgeous lip shade!  A DJ spun tracks in a pink booth while an entourage of men in light pink suits and pink crystal microphones hovered around a sitting trio of models in 70s attire and big hair as well as bright cartoony makeup.  I decided to get some glamour shots with those three disco divas at the end of my session.  Vive la beauté!  How I heart Mac products! <3<3<3




Outfit of the Day!

It was easy to get dressed this morning.  Some days, it’s a circus of “maybes.”  Other times, it’s the definitive “Yes, this is hot!  Must wow the secret paparazzi on the street!”  I threw on a coral colored romper by the French designer Paul and Joe with a massive pearl necklace, and a tan Armani Exchange jacket.  I put on my Bebe coral colored platform flip flops to complete the look.  I love when it’s a breeze picking things out because I know there won’t be a fashion meltdown later in the day, an impulsive desire to do a costume change or several.  My Libra personality is indecisive by nature and terribly fickle.  OMG.  I deal with “bright shiny object syndrome” much of the time, with men and shoessss.  I’ve tried to tone this tick down, but it flares up at random times.  The other day, I met a guy online whose photo reminded me of Squidward from SpongeBob.  Ugh.  I hardly want to dating a balding techie with the head of an octopus just like I don’t want to wear a pointy toed pump where my feet can’t breathe, and I’m exhausted at the thought of walking several city blocks in agony and discontentment.  So here’s to a killer choice made in the name of “Outfits of the Day” or simple the “Golden Outfit! <3<3<3





Jam of the Day!

Good ol’ Snoop!  His hit single “So Many Pros” is so catchy, with its disco dance flavor.  I’m laughing about the line, “So many pros.. It’s like their growing them on trees!”  We’ve all been there, haven’t we?!  Tools and pros lining up to meet me when I’m out at a club or bar and I’m just trying to get a Cosmo with one of my girl friends.  I’m liking his collaboration with Pharrell.  I’m dedicating this song to all those bad boys I dated in the past…  Bye bye Rico Suave and friends!<3<3<3

Snoop Dogg



Blowing Heart Bubbles… Found My Sex and the City Pink DVD Book!!

I am blowing massive pink heart bubbles because my Sex and the City DVD booklet has emerged from the rubble in downtown storage.  Phew!  Big relief that it hasn’t been sucked up by the dust mites or creepy crawlies in that lonely dark unit.  I am happy to say I will no longer have to wait until Saturday to watch re-runs of Carrie Bradshaw on E!.  I am a fan not only because I hail from the New York area, but I understand the essence of what fashion means, and in some grand scheme, it is not just about putting on the pink tutu white tank combo and dancing across a billboard, but embodying true feminine style and finesse.  Maintaining womanliness is my goal.  I’ve been called a Carrie Bradshaw clone, even more so because of my blonde hair job last year, and to top it off, my crazy unforeseen dating life, with its awkward turns and loops!  Riding a sort of sexual romantic Space Mountain ride at Disney World, darkness filling my eyes as I step onto the dating ride with fears of upchucking my lunch.  Though I’m a brunette, I have managed to have come into the possession of a blonde personality like that of Ms. Bradshaw.  Endless dates, one lover who is etched in immortal failure and can’t be revived, and fashion friends to joke with over misfortune and heartache in Dating Wonderland over girly cocktails and green tea chocolate.  The taste of NYC, with its fashion, is left on my palette still after years of not living there, and I ache to find people with similar palettes in SF, though it is an impossibility.  An oasis of glamour, disappearing before my eyes as I walk the streets of downtown SF, as I trudge towards Neiman Marcus, the replete mecca of “haute couture.”  So to Carrie Bradshaw and friends, I raise my raspberry flavored Cosmo towards finding and returning to the world of designer everything!  A trip to NJ/NY, may be jn the works for this summer.  Viva la mode!! <3<3<3

Sex and the City

Sex and the City 1



If I was a Perfume…

Warm, sensual, and passionate.  It’s my natural temperament.  A bit of Juliet fire with a dark earthy musk quality.  Thierry Mugler’s “Angel” and “Alien” perfumes bring together the dark musky mystery and the smoking warmth in a provocative bottle.  It is my female Axe concoction to get those men panting after me.  Are you light and fruity or warm and sensual?  I get samples all the time from my good friend Mustafa, who works behind the perfume counter at Saks in San Fran.  Try samples on the neck or inside wrist area for the best effect.  Happy scent shopping!! ❤

Dior Scent


Goddess in White!

Shopping on Fillmore Street today!  Crossroads Trading Co. called to me.  I hadn’t been in weeks, but had quite the fashion revelation looking at clothing items for spring.  I love going once every few weeks and see what treasures I can dig out.  A long white lace maxi skirt appeared to me in the back with a white slip underneath to cover my upper legs.  J’adore le blanc, the color of purity and rebirth!  I also picked out a white ruffle cotton crop top to go with the maxi skirt.  C’était parfait!  I’m envisioning a future underwater shoot with these lacy and ruffled feminine goodies.  Picturing myself as a mermaid in sheer white fabric that trails behind me!  For tonight, I will wear this flirty outfit on a date at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse on Van Ness Ave!  Visiting the “Botticelli to Braque” exhibit at the deYoung Museum with my photographer Steven gave me many ideas about clothing for spring, seeing the pale skinned Venus de Milo standing in the seashell, red curly hair splayed about and the focus on lightness of tone bringing forth the concept of simplicity, and the depictions of Christ on canvasses symbolizing the resurrection from physical death.  I’m inspired by the goddess archetype, and so I chose white lace and ruffled tops/bottoms today at Crossroads.  Bless the spring season, in its playfulness and softness!  Keep posted for more fashion adventures!! ❤


Ruffle Crop Top




Celebrity Crush of the Week: Daniel Craig

I love those crystalline blue eyes and muscles, muscles, muscles!  Did I mention muscles?  Beach shots in Casino Royale of Mr. Bond, sun hitting that killer six pack of abs.  I’ve always had a thing for older men.  Maybe it’s the cool collected confidence, with a jaguar prowling edge to their walk and a certainty of what they want to attain.  Daniel Craig is the heartthrob of my whole week.  He can just go ahead and take every day!  I don’t mind.  I’d love to be a Bond girl, dressed in the most elegant crimson gown and dark red lips with which to steal kisses from James.  I’m going to keep on dreaming… Which celebrity gets your heart fluttering?  Stay tuned for more posts! ❤ ❤ ❤


Daniel Craig 1

Daniel Craig 2

Recap of Easter

I wore a Betsey Johnson pink velvet rose spaghetti strap dress from the 90s, Michael Kors white summer wedges, and Kate Spade stud earrings!  Too many vodka 7-ups…  Then the plethora of dessert choices: bunny, carrot, and egg sugar cookies, chocolate pudding pie, and strawberry shortcake.  Of course, the real filler beforehand was the lamb with stuffing, rosemary potatoes, and asparagus.  On that day, I could turn my back on reading calories and simply enjoy the rocket ride of a sugar rush!  I love a good feast and my aunt and uncle sure know how to cook!  I bought the egg dyeing kit the night before and managed to wake up and notice white eggs placed in various spots around the apartment.  I’ll hold onto the “Majestic” egg dyeing kit for next year.  Sadly, I think I also missed BunnyCon in SF.  Well, here are some pics from the 2011 event in SF!  Hope all you bloggers out there enjoyed a fashionable Easter!