“Poets” Publication

My poetic journey along with the writing of other poets has been published in a book called “Poets” by Poet’s Choice, an online international poetry resource based in India.  According to Poet’s Choice, “It is our endeavor to stimulate the international exchange of knowledge about poetry, encourage poetry translation and facilitate an international community of poetry readers.”  The E-Book costs $.99 and the hard copy is $15.  Check it out here: Poets Book

Poets Book


Thanks for your support! 🙂


Propane anger,

Diamonds on a

Furious turn.


Night mists


Split nerves


Along glittering



Rebel roses,

Grave shadows


To shifting

Movie frames.


Pieces of the

Dream land



By poisonous

Fumes beckoning

The seekers

To entangle with.

Punk Fashion vs. 50s Rebel Fashion vs. New Rebel Fashion Wave

Does history seem to repeat itself every two or several decades?   The 50s rebels had the greaser thing going on with their leather jackets, jeans, and t-shirts James Dean style.  The 70s punk fashion came packaged with something similar: leather jackets, jeans, tees, and rock patches/pins on the jackets by way of the Sex Pistols and Ramones.  I’ve had a fascination with “rebel” fashion since a young age, wearing custom-made patchwork pants and dresses to high school bohemian style.  Nowadays, I wear light wash ripped jeans, a leather jacket with a pop of color, and pearl adorned sneakers with faux diamond rings, hoop earrings, and cat eye shades for a statement.  The glamorous rebel look is my thing, where diamonds meet dirt, gutter to the stars.  My love of glamorous movie icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn meet rebel heroes like Sid Vicious or Marlon Brando in a Hollywood back alley.  The dust kicked up by non-conformist attitudes marries with a love of flaunting beauty and bejeweled spectacle.  Happy almost-weekend!

James Dean

James Dean Greaser


Sid Vicious Leather Jacket

Reign Diamonds


Tricking the pages,

Appearing in perfumed fantasies.


Crystal glass,

Moments preparing the


Budded enchantment.


Adornment, the backwards effect

Of feeling,

Plummeting to dark waters,

The absent orator.


Hers the glance to


His the momentary realization of



Piece of prism love,

Fractured steps of

A cool undulation,

Soft marabou slippers

Sliding across the living room



Diamond reverie,

Candy body topped to be savored,

Sugar lips reciting the night’s revelation…


Smoky jazz,

Wrapped to the jams,

Carried under a satin layer.


Spat way up high,

Roused in music

Trailing past itself,

The oncoming quiet…

Argan Oil

My boyfriend bought some Argan Oil from Trader Joe’s a little while back for his skin and hair.  According to health sources online, Argan oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.  It can lessen signs of aging and moisturize skin and hair.

For skin, it is recommended for people to use a small amount so there is no negative effect and the same goes for hair so the hair doesn’t get too oily.

Go to your nearest Trader Joe’s and give this beneficial oil a try.  It only costs $7.  Set aside some time for a little self-care each day!




My partner and I had discovered a site called Zazzle several months back where you can customize your own clothes, gifts, home decor items, etc..  and buy other designer’s creative merchandise.   The Zazzle vision is “Our mission is to make “The Make Engine” to give people the power to make anything imaginable.”  Their manufacturing processes are top-notch for bringing unique works to life.

Dez Del Rio’s page Ultra is a “Rock and Rock Story” in the making with cool Zodiac sneakers, rock shirt, and skate gear “because life is extreme.”  Check it out here:



My Zazzle store Rock N Royal is also on Zazzle, with glam and cool rocker apparel, home items, and diamond sneakers.  I want people to feel like they can be rockstars “because your life rules.”


Rock N Royal

Happy Weekend!

Dear Old Hollywood…

A time forgotten.  Washed in the light of old Hollywood films playing in intimate theaters.  The glow of glamorous stars in the finest of garments telling real stories for real ears to listen to.

It seems those memories have been encrypted.  Stowed away to collect gray ash on them.

I have tired of the new generation of untalented, unscripted, and pornographic stars dancing along in meaningless ways through the modern media with not a thought in their technology ridden heads.  They bob along as if untrained, uncultured to what was.

Hollywood was the epicenter of unique attractiveness and an unparalleled sophistication, marked by those dream seekers who truly studied their craft, which is a far cry from the current scene.

Shameful unidentifiable masks of nothingness protruding arrogance and all-knowingness on social media.

From shaming and insults I have dealt with, nothing has been worse than dealing with this generation of delinquent entertainers.  Monsters of media cruelty and bullying hidden behind “kind” faces.

To those who had built these industries, this piece is for their artistry and mastery.  Not for those who look to just be gratified immediately and hope to ride off the backs of legendary creators.  Pompous showy impersonators with nothing new to contribute but a backwash of misinformed ideas and half-attempted presentations.

No art counts unless it encircles, unless it leaves us asking “why” of our existence and “how” to make the most of our human experience as it unfolds for the ongoing mortal clocks.

The beauty of true eccentricity, a humor from knowing tragedy, an artist’s voice fully cultivated by his or her successes and trifles.  Bound up in immortal understanding of what art stands for.  Peace to instill, impressions to meld to our questing souls.

I ask what can one do to participate in greater human compassion yet through art itself?  Something to breach us of false narratives spun in dirty spaces taking the places of pure ones.

Will you join me to recover the lost art?  Why must this world perish in misunderstanding? The greater purpose must come in knowing the difference between what inspires versus what temporarily entertains….

Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch

Marilyn Monroe