A Woman

The light of her avatar in a dark sky.  Throwing rose petals into the dirty cracks of the sidewalks glimmering upward to the heavenly spheres.  A spirit flowing down the echoey halls of a golden castle.  The life in death she’ll reflect to beautiful gardens cascading beyond her.  Suns afire in the waning light and the promise of a returning day.  Eternal glances of beauty kept within the smile she graces her courtiers with.  Dances in speechless remembrance, the celebratory goblet held in sanctimonious offering.  A petal on the face, the hard prick forgotten.  Longing for the light to fight away its counterpart.  In purity of raven’s wings spread to fly, the dynasty of love come forth.

Caustic Nightmares

How I’ve felt when the chain

Is undone,

Then linked to the Other.


She floats through the

Mind’s backdrop,

A disturbing vision.


What he’ll say to cut me off,

The anger stirring.


I’ll sigh in regret,

Pinned to my death’s



How the days will

Prolong themselves,

Filtered into caustic


Wandering Beyond Starlight

As you are far,

So I am near.

In revelation,

Wandering beyond starlight.


A voice familiar,

Kept in my unconscious



So close you’ve

Come to


Yet tracks split

In seething fury.


Restless lovers

On the rusted


Yearning to take off

Into night.


Your glassy eyes

An indicator,

The bottomless orbs

Of everlasting traces.


A tip of the hat,

The call to flight,

Raven’s beak

A soft sounding


Of our time in

An infinitely marked earth.







Showed to the

Virulent street,

An embittered jaunt

From limo

To ebony

Faceless steeple


Dark arts

A lesson to

Slather on hot

Plastic keys,

The ticker tape a


Of solemn reasoning.


No shine to embolden

A hunched suit about to


Dried bread

In hands

Turning the small bowl of

Lunch stew,

What haunts to orchestrate into


Tricks of the ancient


The sad waltz of



Trailing down to

A solitary clue to

Financial mazes


Across the flaring

Mercurial screen,

Eye deliriums

Flashing over

The ticker tape carousel,

Each code an animal

Leaping into

Planetary confusion,

Of Santeria spun

To darkened hopes


Roaring cabs testing

Strips of friction,

Roaring legs to

Throw back muddy

Shots to

In dingy blushing

Theaters way on

The other side

Of town,

Roaring cradles of

Limp eyed


Going over the

Rutted avenues

Back where the

Fences welcome

Them into

Consecrated homes,

Ragged films to be


Coats to

Hang vertical,

The space


For resting


Breathless bulls

To turn down

For another night…