Paul and Joe Pink Romper!

Spring has certainly sprung and I’m reaching in my closet for a Paul and Joe pink romper to celebrate the incoming warm weather!  My friend Kengi, the owner of Boutique Harajuku, gave me this lovely piece!  I am so in love with this brand.  Sophie, a French designer, named the brand after her two sons Paul and Joe.  The brand is centered on capturing the vibrancy, grace, color, and spontaneity of life in every item of clothing.  Out with monochromatic and grunge and in with bright shades and cosmopolitan flavor!  I enjoy the playful and youthful feel of the clothes!  Looking forward to some lovely picnics in the park with this cutesy little romper!! ❤ ❤ ❤

paul-joe-sister-pink-allegra-romper-product-1-17310858-1-396209555-normal_large_flex paul-joe-sister-pink-allegra-romper-product-1-17310858-2-396209619-normal_large_flex

Boutique Harajuku

It’s ultimate bliss shopping at Boutique Harajuku, where a fashionista can find high-end brands from Japan and Europe, including labels like Cop.copine, Paul and Joe, Religion, Sunlight, Deca Paris, Siwy Jeans, Sarah Pacini, Heather, Vivienne Westwood, Isabel de Pedro, Chaser, and more…  Kengi Shim, the boutique owner, majored in fashion at the Academy of Art University.  She has always had an eye for beauty and fashion, and seeks to bring a modern yet feminine edge to women’s apparel.  RIght now, there is an additional 50% OFF SALE on select items.  Every time I shop there, I find a bevy of fun and unique wardrobe statement pieces, be it rhinestone fedora hats or Vivienne Westwood handbags.  I enjoy the endless variety and the meticulous attention that goes into the selection of apparel and accessories.  Kengi is a rock star of business enterprising, entrepreneurship, and creative and artistic visioning.  Check out her drop dead gorgeous boutique in the Japan Center East Mall in SF at 2F-22 Peace Plaza 511 as well as her site:!

Harajuku Harajuku 2

Promo Modeling!

My lovely friend Michelle Shim owns a high-end clothing boutique in the east mall of the Japan Center Mall called Harajuku on the 2nd floor.  She gave me this beautiful faux fox fur jacket with faux leather stretchy sleeves.  The designer is Bardot and the coats go for a little over $200.  Make the perfect statement with black leggings or blue jeans and black boots!  Happy shopping!


Beach Day in Alameda!

My Bebe coral platform flip flops are ready to walk the gorgeous sands of Crown Beach in Alameda today!  I’m going to throw on some BDG drawstring denim shorts and a black tank top and take my leopard beach tote bag.  There is a kickass mall near the beach with charming boutiques and a fantastic Japanese restaurant called Sushi House with stunning views of the ocean!  I am ready to embrace the pre-summer weather immediately!  Bye bye fog and rain in SF and hello soft breezes and Cali white sand!





Fashion Wish List!


Bear Phone Case




My wish list…  Really, I would just say “everything fashion related,” as I am a girl.  Roberto Cavalli has a platinum chain high heeled sandal as well as a coral and teal spring/summer heel and a plaid inspired spring sandal!  So many options to be MISS FABULOUS.  The Moschino bear iPhone case is just so cuddly and cute, even if it’s just made of rubber.  The plush bear cases are fun as well and a great way to hide a phone.  I’ve found some great deals on eBay for pink and purple plush bears.  Oh so girly!  The Bebe dress has a fun coral shade and the wrap dress design is perfect for a spring cruise in the tropics, plus a stun gun pair of white high heeled sandals!  Two types of colorful tumblers by Kate Spade make a killer impression in public, with cheeky messages.  One has a straw for those iced Arnold Palmers and the others are great for the quick morning run to Starbucks.  Lastly, a gold chain brown monogram cross body bag by LV.  I love the diagonal LV on the bag and huge gold insignia, a fun spin on the classic monogram design!  It’s an endless hunt through the high fashion jungle! Happy browsing!

Published in Italian Vogue!

The time has finally come.  Several years of working hard towards the modeling dream, and I have been published in Italian Vogue.  My photographer Steven Ansley was a golden player in this game.  He and I created a body of work in honor of certain famous photographers, from underwater photography to studio glamour shoots and onto outdoor photography.  I am grateful for his vision and what he brought out in me as a model.  It is beauty, light, strength, sophistication, intelligence, and creativity I want to bring to the modeling world.  I have pressed on despite much criticism, as every entertainer must face.  It is the thoughtfulness and consideration towards the art I produce that has made Steven an asset to my strivings.  One of my underwater shots recently appeared in the online version of Italian Vogue, which is part of the “Submerged” collection.  Someday, I hope to win the photo of the day contest on there.  During the summer, I contracted rheumatoid arthritis and have watched my own body stiffen and weaken, yet my soul had a quest to go beyond what was occurring physically and understand the plight of what artists face in creating sacred relics, how it is darkness we live through which informs our human experience.  I want to heal myself and create art that stands the test of time and brings healing to others.





The Rainbow Staircase…

I was amazed to find a rainbow staircase in San Francisco, and in the same token, not at all surprised.  It is one of the most eclectic cities in all the world!  I stopped into a store called Uniqlo in Union Square on Powell and gazed at all kinds of goodies, from Disney t-shirts to Andy Warhol inspired camp sweatpants.  You can’t beat the prices either!  The rainbow staircase was of course the most entertaining part of being in the shop.  Uniqlo sells a lot of basics similar to clothing I find at American Apparel.  If you want a certain shirt or jacket, you can find it in just about every color!  Get in on the 60% off sale going on now!




Jewel of a Purchase!

Vintage finds at Wasteland in the Haight!  I spotted a pair of white slide Marilyn/Betty Boop sandals by Jean-Paul Gaultier and they fit perfectly!  Plus, they only cost $55 and looked almost new.  I seem to work the magic eight ball and be directed towards the good designer fashion for a killer price.  It’s the imagination that gets me the ultimate deal.  I think of a fashion concept and pull the net in towards the right prospect.  Stay tuned for more golden fashion finds!