New puppy!

I am so excited to have a new puppy as of two days ago.  I decided to go to the SPCA shelter in the Mission with my bf and I saw the cutest little dog.  Her name was Aly and she walked right up to me and rubbed up against me.  I made the choice to wait a day and think about it.  By nighttime, I was imagining what it would be like to have Aly in my apartment running around and knew that I couldn’t live without her.  The next day, we went back to the Mission location, but a staff member said she had been transferred to the Pacific Heights place.  I was relieved that she hadn’t already gotten snatched up, as many more people yesterday came into the shelter after me to look at the puppies.  Aly was part of a litter.  She had a sister named Kerry and a brother named Egan.  They told me she was a Chihuahua mix, but I don’t believe so due to her having floppy ears, soft coat of fur, and sweet quiet temperament.  I’m glad she didn’t turn out to be a yappy dog.  The Maltese dog next door named Poochie has enough of a hyper attitude, barking through the night.  It is nice to have a new addition to my family!



Sound Tent!

I’ve been singing for awhile and playing violin even longer.  It was great to finally set up a sound tent with my boyfriend, who is a guitarist.  He met a guy whose brother owns the largest independent record label in Nashville.  We’re going to send a 3-song demo to the label.  It wasn’t actually too difficult to build the sound tent for recording.  The only challenge was inserting grommets into three black moving blankets.  We bought some PVC piping from Lowe’s and shower curtain handles for cheap.  The setup took about an hour and a half.  I’m hoping to take my music to the next level!