A Name

The lovely eyes that survey time. Wanton in fortunes. Backed up smokes in restive chambers tempting expulsion.

Whilst to speak, lulled away to strange winds scraping against promising faces.

Sown jewels.

Just to live. Pleasured by mysterious veils blowing across light reversed rooms.

Filtered pulps settling. The clear light listening.

Imminent pools…

Streaks of woman illusion moving down rotted boulevards phasing out the stars that bind, used up links on a final revolution before blackened sands engulf a name.

A Woman

The light of her avatar in a dark sky.  Throwing rose petals into the dirty cracks of the sidewalks glimmering upward to the heavenly spheres.  A spirit flowing down the echoey halls of a golden castle.  The life in death she’ll reflect to beautiful gardens cascading beyond her.  Suns afire in the waning light and the promise of a returning day.  Eternal glances of beauty kept within the smile she graces her courtiers with.  Dances in speechless remembrance, the celebratory goblet held in sanctimonious offering.  A petal on the face, the hard prick forgotten.  Longing for the light to fight away its counterpart.  In purity of raven’s wings spread to fly, the dynasty of love come forth.

Caustic Nightmares

How I’ve felt when the chain

Is undone,

Then linked to the Other.


She floats through the

Mind’s backdrop,

A disturbing vision.


What he’ll say to cut me off,

The anger stirring.


I’ll sigh in regret,

Pinned to my death’s



How the days will

Prolong themselves,

Filtered into caustic