When I face

These pancakes,

Eyes search

For ways to



Sanctity in

Whipped topping,

Butter running off

In divergent rivers.


Swirling eddies

Feeding heat,

Slumber awaiting

Questing organs.


Your surprise at

What feeling

Hits you,

Quieted of the

Mechanical noise

Computers drive into

Your static skull…



Crossing Over

As moments enliven,

You cross over to

My depths.


Folded in sacramental


Judged not by racing

Clocks blowing off steam…


Your vision ropes my

Starless advance,

Woods shaded,

Fallen spark.


Intrepid wisdom

Of paths


Traces beamed

To completeness.

A storm you

Must wander along,

Taken to an

Icy page coursing

Its own poetic tour…


Hair Miracle: Argan Oil Conditioner

My beauty tip of the day is to definitely go with using an Argan Oil Conditioner like Pure Nature.  My lovely Mom gave it to me and it works like a charm.  You just put a few squirts of it in your palm and it really clings onto your dry hair follicles, softening them.  From having gotten my hair done so many times, it moisturized my honey blonde hair and took the brassiness out of it.  I highly recommend this product.  It can be found on Amazon.  There is also an Argan Oil Shampoo.  Stay safe!