Love as in Silent Films

Along you went,

As vapor clears,

Vastness as your


Time spent to its



I’ve witnessed the

Back of your suit

Trail beyond,

A click

Of the elevator button.


Down to its cement depths,

You’ll never face

Me again.


I’ll take stock,

An angry face

To burrow

In a black winter’s coat.


Sadness unveiled,

When the moments you

Pace in your apartment

Are allowed,

Then stitched up when you

Climb to the greatest heights

Of the skyscraper.



Sighing to your mirrored

Visage in a sterile


A sudden change in



Those silent films

Playing in your mind.

Melancholy classical

Music droning on…


Will I gather you


Frame by frame,

Sleep unto dreams?


Will there rest on

Seas you gaze upon

Heavy foam thrown to

The shore?


What will death of

Love salt your

Eyes with?