Mac Beauty Expo in SF!

A pink outdoor beauty parlor came into my view as I stepped off the 5 bus on Powell.  Several women came up to me and asked if I knew about the event and if I wanted to get my makeup done by Mac professionals.  I said, “Why not?  I had no idea this awesome event was happening!”  I proceeded to get my makeup done by a woman who manages a store in San Jose and whose passion is helping inner city youth.  She put a smokey brown eye shadow on me with black liquid liner and a coral lip.  I absolutely love coral for spring/summer!  Take me to the tropics on a cruise with this gorgeous lip shade!  A DJ spun tracks in a pink booth while an entourage of men in light pink suits and pink crystal microphones hovered around a sitting trio of models in 70s attire and big hair as well as bright cartoony makeup.  I decided to get some glamour shots with those three disco divas at the end of my session.  Vive la beauté!  How I heart Mac products! <3<3<3




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