Published in Italian Vogue!

The time has finally come.  Several years of working hard towards the modeling dream, and I have been published in Italian Vogue.  My photographer Steven Ansley was a golden player in this game.  He and I created a body of work in honor of certain famous photographers, from underwater photography to studio glamour shoots and onto outdoor photography.  I am grateful for his vision and what he brought out in me as a model.  It is beauty, light, strength, sophistication, intelligence, and creativity I want to bring to the modeling world.  I have pressed on despite much criticism, as every entertainer must face.  It is the thoughtfulness and consideration towards the art I produce that has made Steven an asset to my strivings.  One of my underwater shots recently appeared in the online version of Italian Vogue, which is part of the “Submerged” collection.  Someday, I hope to win the photo of the day contest on there.  During the summer, I contracted rheumatoid arthritis and have watched my own body stiffen and weaken, yet my soul had a quest to go beyond what was occurring physically and understand the plight of what artists face in creating sacred relics, how it is darkness we live through which informs our human experience.  I want to heal myself and create art that stands the test of time and brings healing to others.





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