Drugstore Gems: Maybelline Ultra Waterproof Liquid Liner!

This lovely drugstore liquid liner works wonders at a winning price!  It’s around 7 or 8 dollars at Walgreen’s.  It comes in dark brown and black.  I’ve found liquid liner stays on longer than a pencil liner because it doesn’t smudge.  As a starving artist, I’m always on the search for great beauty products at a bargain!  More beauty tips coming soon…



The Answer to Dry Hair!

The answer to dry hair: Miracoilicious Moroccan Argan Oil!  I discovered this special hair oil at a Walgreen’s up the street from my apartment!  It is only $11.99.  I love the scent of it!  The oil is an exotic blend of 14 of the best essential oils & plant extracts, which include moroccan argan oil, ylang-ylang, bergamot, cedarwood, sage, sandalwood, spearmint, castor seed, palmarosa, orange, patchouli clove, artemisia pallens flower & white birch.  The oil can be using as a styling, conditioning, or revitalizing agent.  It’s one of the greatest miracle oils on the market!  

Moroccan Argan Oil

Personal Styling- Bump Hair

I bought a bump comb at Walgreen’s and decided to experiment.  I start by leaning my head forward and down and sectioning off hair in the front.  I back comb the hair to tease it a bit and then spray it with a bit of Bumble and Bumble 8 oz. Holding Spray.  Then I place the bump comb in the middle on top of my head.  I flip the hair back and bobby pin it in back.  Voila!  Bump hair is made!  So easy and simple.  Next I curl the rest of my hair and spray each curl to hold them in place and then comb them out with a roll salon brush to give it those curls a sexy beachy loose curl style.  Many celebrities enjoy wearing the bump hair with a braid going down the front like Kesha or just straight like Queen Bey.  Stay tuned for more beauty and fashion tips!




Bump Comb


Better than Shampoo!

I’ve been blonde since January and I’ve found that the typical shampoo/conditioner combo doesn’t work well.  I’m now turned on to using Renpure, a cleansing conditioner.  It comes in sweet pomegranate and mint rosemary.  I’ve found that after several washes, my hair is shiny, soft, and smooth.  Shampoo and conditioner can strip the hair of its natural oils, which makes hair dry and thin.  Another product, which is similar to Renpure is Wen.  Celebrities swear by it!  Try it out!  The cost of Renpure at any drug store is about 9 or 10 dollars.  Ever since I broke up with shampoo and conditioner, I’ve been in a greater relationship with Renpure!