Mystical Magic~Seacret Mineral-Rich Hydrating Mud Shampoo!

This is the final time I switch shampoos.  I thought a shampoo that doesn’t lather would do the trick, but I was dead wrong.  These shampoos have as many crazy chemicals you can’t pronounce as ones seen on TV like Wen for celebrities.  If you can read the ingredients out loud without getting into a tongue twister, you’ve come across the right shampoo.  At least that is what Viktoriya Seacret, a beauty sales woman, told me.  I am loving the Seacret cosmetics line.  This magic shampoo contains beneficial ingredients such as Argan Oil, Silk Protein, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E!  So much better than any product you’ll find in a salon or at a drugstore!  Try it out now!  The price on is $49.95!


Seacret Mud Soap

A breakthrough formula!  I’ve tried so many facial soaps, and this is the golden ticket to clear, radiant, and soft skin!  It contains no harsh chemicals.  The secret ingredient: It is enriched with deep sea mud and dead sea minerals.  I’ve had an infected eye and I used the soap around the eyelid and under the eye to eliminate itching and swelling.  Visit the website: and get the facial soap for only $14.95!

Seacret Mud Soap

Ready to Wear by the Bay Fashion Show at the Supper Club!

Last night was an incredible evening!  Lots of flirts from men, chocolate and vanilla flavored cake I got to take home with colorful balloons, tons of glamour shots with some photographers I had worked with previously, a painter with gold harem pants who looked like Sinbad, and acrobatic dancers hanging from the ceiling!  The Supper Club is not typically open on Sundays, but they made a special exception for Community Fashion Week.  My outfit was sort of nautical Barbie with fake Chanel bling.  I had on a white pencil skirt from Zara with silver buttons on the front, a red, white and blue halter crop top, a Calvin Klein white fur coat, and Michael Kors white summer wedges.  The show featured 10 different designers.  My fave part of the show was the first collection, filled with fancy lace gowns and big hats, badass Madonna rosary beads, and cool metal dangling headpieces.  Stay tuned for more fabulous Fashion Week events!

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