Le Tote: Build the Closet You’ve Always Wanted!

A breakthrough fashion concept for building your dream closet!  The steps are simple.  Go to www.letote.com and create a profile.  Pick your favorite fashion items from the choices given on the screen and start building your closet!  Totes are sent to you that reflect your style.  You can rate them and share your looks with friends!  If you love the tote you have received, you can keep what you have purchased.  If not, send the tote back and get a new one!  It’s that easy!!  Just a stylist note: You can buy any item by keeping it and sending everything else back.  Members get 30-50% off retail prices!  Get free 2 day shipping both ways and Le Tote will take care of the cleaning.  The magic of Le Tote is you can wear something before you buy it!  Sign up today and enjoy putting together your ideal look!