Inspiration Behind LuxMannequin

The word “mannequin” derived from French word:       

nmf     (MODE)   model  

Elle est mannequin.      She’s a model.  
→ il est mannequin      

 The word “lux” derived from Latin:

Nounplural luces
 [loo-seez] (Show IPA),luxes. Optics.
1.a unit of illumination, equivalent to 0.0929 foot-candle 
and equal to the illumination produced byluminous flux 
of one lumen falling perpendicularlyon a surface one 
meter square. Symbol: lx.
Together, the words create the enlightened model, with a capacity to reflect style and beauty to the public, yet a light within that illuminates the spirit of a woman as a role model and leader in today’s evolving society.  A woman is a diamond on ice in this world, cool and replete with shine!

diamond on ice\