Jacket Customization

I’ve been off in another corner of the universe for a long while working on my music with my boyfriend, a blend of folk, rock, pop, and psychedelic flavors.  The current artistic project of mine is jacket customization with patches.  I bought these two big patches at a killer fabric store in the Mission in SF, which had discounts on materials.  I got the dry cleaning lady up the street to sew on the snake and roses patch, as she had to open up the inner lining of the leather jacket.  I was able to sew the tiger patch on the denim jacket, seeming as there was no lining to open up.  Floral designs are in for spring.  I was inspired by the Guns N’ Roses theme with the snake and roses patch (Slash’s snakepit), which turns the faux leather jacket into a true one of a kind rock n’ roll piece, including the pink Playboy bunny patch sewed on the arm of the jacket by the same woman.  The tiger patch on the denim jacket is a tribute to my Chinese zodiac sign.  I’m an 86′ baby all the way.  Experimentation with patches on articles of clothing or accessories is a fun undertaking.  It all harkens back to when I used to sew band patches onto my bags and clothes in high school.  More posts coming soon!


Gimme Rabbit Ears!

Hugh Hefner, may I get a pair of rabbit ears?  I’ve been hoping for so long to pose for Playboy.  My Mom’s friend Sharon had been on the cover a few times back in the 60s.  I got warmed up at Bunny Con in SF a few years back with my bf, who dressed in a black suit, white shirt, and black tie.  He certainly won hands down over the wimpy guys who dressed as carrots or wore pink fluffy bunny ears, but it is SF after all.  A creepy photographer followed us around and a shrimpy guy at one of the dive bars along the route proclaimed, “You’re a tall bunny!”  Hugh, if you can hear me, make me a playmate!!

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