Elle Woods Two-Piece Outfit!

I was left quite speechless walking into the Crossroads store on College Ave. in Rockridge upon seeing a two-piece skirt and top set in bright bubblegum pink, an homage to Barbie!  It was only $15!!!  I couldn’t believe what a grand sweep I had made with that golden purchase.  Every once in a while, I see some new and inspiring outfit at Crossroads, amidst all the other used clothing items.  I love two-piece sets because you already have the full outfit assembled for you and you just need to add shoes, a bag, and accessories!  Genius way to cut dress-up time in the morning in half.  Easy as pie!  Elle Woods here we come!  ❤ ❤ ❤



BARF Sweatshirt!!

The Daria side of me loves this pullover!  The message is one simple word: BARF.  I bought this goody at a custom sweatshirt and t-shirt shop in the Haight.  I love that it’s purple with pink Barbie script!!!  BARF apparel can also be found on http://www.polyvore.com/barf_muscle_tee/thing?id=87648461.  Who said barf couldn’t be enjoyed?


Barf Sweatshirt 1

Barbie Collection at Forever 21!!

I went shopping in downtown SF and happened upon the Barbie Collection at Forever 21!  I tried on a plush light pink varsity sweater with “Barbie” written on the front and a sexy pair of booty shorts with Barbie’s face all over it.  The collection includes sexy sheer black varsity jackets, hot pink body suits, iconic Barbie backpacks, make-up bags, and much more!  It is nice to see Mattel has made its mark on the high fashion-for-less market.  Float through a sea of black and pink in this one-of-a-kind gorgeous collection!  




Barbie Bag