Ready to Wear by the Bay Fashion Show at the Supper Club!

Last night was an incredible evening!  Lots of flirts from men, chocolate and vanilla flavored cake I got to take home with colorful balloons, tons of glamour shots with some photographers I had worked with previously, a painter with gold harem pants who looked like Sinbad, and acrobatic dancers hanging from the ceiling!  The Supper Club is not typically open on Sundays, but they made a special exception for Community Fashion Week.  My outfit was sort of nautical Barbie with fake Chanel bling.  I had on a white pencil skirt from Zara with silver buttons on the front, a red, white and blue halter crop top, a Calvin Klein white fur coat, and Michael Kors white summer wedges.  The show featured 10 different designers.  My fave part of the show was the first collection, filled with fancy lace gowns and big hats, badass Madonna rosary beads, and cool metal dangling headpieces.  Stay tuned for more fabulous Fashion Week events!

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Glamorous in Green Fashion Show at the ZK and Eden Gallery in SF!

What an evening I had last night at the ZK and Eden Gallery for SF Community Fashion Week!  We had “green” hors d’oeuvres, including water from the sap of a Birch tree and granola bars.  I took some glamour shots and mingled with a few photographers I had done runway shows with previously.  It was fun checking out Betty Boop and Popeye art and as well as neat looking sculptures by Roy Lichtenstein.  The show took place next door and I got a seat in back.  The first section of the show was the work of four designers with various earth-friendly get-ups.  It was quite an evening to remember!  Coming up tonight is Glamorama at Macy’s and Saturday is the “Couture for a Cause” runway show!   Stay tuned…

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