CCSF Midnight Metropolis Runway Show 5/18 at Ruby Skye in SF!

Vanna White 2 Vanna White 1

What a show Midnight Metropolis turned out to be!  I arrived and found that the designer I was modeling for had no outfit for me, so a couple students took me on a shopping excursion, which lasted two hours and we wound up going to five big stores.  We finally found a red dress with slits and a halter at Forever XII and then rushed back to the club so I could do hair and make-up.  Since I was not going to walk in the show, the fashion crew decided to make me a greeter and sell canvas fashion dept. bags up front with Diane Greene, the head of the department.  Later, I went on stage and did the raffle with the main host and supermodel/runway coach Charleston Pierce as a Vanna White character.  I had fun walking up and down the runway beforehand and getting glamour shots!  The show went well.  There were about 52 models walking the catwalk as well as some Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet dancers performing for part of the show.  I went through quite a fire storm that day, but when things fall apart, they are really just falling into place.  The end result was truly magical!


City College Runway Audition


Yesterday evening (April 16th) was spent auditioning for the City College Midnight Metropolis Runway Show at Ruby Skye on May 18th!  The models went into one of the classrooms to sign release forms and to get signs with their names on it.  Each model got their photo taken with their sign in the hallway and then we waited to be called into the Fashion Production classroom to do our walk.  We were given two walks, one sporty and fun and another one that was more serious and high fashion.  Afterwards, some of the models waited to meet with the designers.  I was picked by a designer named Mark who was thinking of having me and another model wear two similar looking gowns and walk side by side on the runway.  They gave us sheets with the schedule for fittings and rehearsals.  I feel so blessed to be a part of this project!!  Big shouts out to JJ Cortez (amazing stylist), Natalie Smith (modeling teacher), and Kayla Lacy (model and fashion production student) for inviting me to be a part of such a huge production!