Promo Modeling!

My lovely friend Michelle Shim owns a high-end clothing boutique in the east mall of the Japan Center Mall called Harajuku on the 2nd floor.  She gave me this beautiful faux fox fur jacket with faux leather stretchy sleeves.  The designer is Bardot and the coats go for a little over $200.  Make the perfect statement with black leggings or blue jeans and black boots!  Happy shopping!


Le Tote: Build the Closet You’ve Always Wanted!

A breakthrough fashion concept for building your dream closet!  The steps are simple.  Go to and create a profile.  Pick your favorite fashion items from the choices given on the screen and start building your closet!  Totes are sent to you that reflect your style.  You can rate them and share your looks with friends!  If you love the tote you have received, you can keep what you have purchased.  If not, send the tote back and get a new one!  It’s that easy!!  Just a stylist note: You can buy any item by keeping it and sending everything else back.  Members get 30-50% off retail prices!  Get free 2 day shipping both ways and Le Tote will take care of the cleaning.  The magic of Le Tote is you can wear something before you buy it!  Sign up today and enjoy putting together your ideal look!



Throwback Monday- First Modeling Shoot in Civic Center

This was my first photo shoot ever back in 2011 with SF photographer Jamey Thomas!  We explored the Civic Center area, where I posed in luxurious gardens by the War Memorial Opera House and behind the Civic Center building.  The first outfit was a cream and pink floral Betsey Johnson spring dress, Bebe white lace high heeled booties, Betsey Johnson gold and pearl bow earrings, a Gap light pink cardigan, and a pearl necklace.  The other one consisted of a Zara hot pink blazer with gold buttons, a Zara leopard print top, French Connection dark wash skinny jeans, a black floppy hat, and Betsey Johnson hot pink high heeled ankle boots.  It was a day to remember!

CC Shoot CC Shoot 2

CC Shoot 3






Runway Training Day #2 w/Charleston Pierce at StudioMix!

I had another incredible runway training day with the fabuoso Charleston Pierce!  The wisdom I gleaned from Saturday’s session at StudioMix was to keep the walk straightforward and simple.  Oftentimes, we think that we have to be “models” and swing our hips dramatically.  I have to think of just being my most raw and candid self.  We practiced posing in groups and learned choreography that incorporated acting and a bit of dance, which we performed individually at the end.  Valentina Saduil, a talented fashion photographer, came in and took photos of us.  We also did some mirroring in twos and walked in pairs for Charleston.  It’s all about keeping clean lines and proper spacing.  Namely, it’s all repetition, repetition, repetition!  Later on, I caught a Flamenco performance at a Spanish tapas place called Pena Pacha Mama in North Beach, and it was amazing to witness the intricacy of the arm, hip, and leg motions of the dancers and to hear from one of the hosts how many years it takes to master the steps.  Such an inspiring day!  More lessons to come on modeling/acting/runway/dance!



The Origin of KatherineGirl

How was the blog KatherineGirl created, one might ask?  Well, I was inspired by Bryanboy’s blog and thought to myself, there has got to be a female version, so out popped KatherineGirl!  KatherineGirl encompasses bright flashy colors, big shades, bubblegum and lollipop fun, modern female beauty, French chicness, FUR, and a sprinkle of Barbie pizzazz!  



Hello Kitty inspired runway show to celebrate Scarlett Lash’s Birthday at Harlot in SF!


Last night was a blast at Harlot in SF!  I did a Hello Kitty inspired runway show to celebrate Scarlett Lash’s birthday!  The designs were by Tera Birhan.  It was great working the dance floor with candy colored dresses and lollipops for props!  More shows to come!  Tomorrow, I am back to runway bootcamp w/Charleston Pierce at Studiomix!



City College Runway Audition


Yesterday evening (April 16th) was spent auditioning for the City College Midnight Metropolis Runway Show at Ruby Skye on May 18th!  The models went into one of the classrooms to sign release forms and to get signs with their names on it.  Each model got their photo taken with their sign in the hallway and then we waited to be called into the Fashion Production classroom to do our walk.  We were given two walks, one sporty and fun and another one that was more serious and high fashion.  Afterwards, some of the models waited to meet with the designers.  I was picked by a designer named Mark who was thinking of having me and another model wear two similar looking gowns and walk side by side on the runway.  They gave us sheets with the schedule for fittings and rehearsals.  I feel so blessed to be a part of this project!!  Big shouts out to JJ Cortez (amazing stylist), Natalie Smith (modeling teacher), and Kayla Lacy (model and fashion production student) for inviting me to be a part of such a huge production!

Night at the Starlight Room in SF Selling Raffle Tickets for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society!

Bikini ShowImage

Friday night (April 13th) was a blast at the Starlight Room in the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in SF, modeling bikinis by Michelle Finley, a local Brazilian swimwear designer, and selling raffle tickets to benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society!  I worked with Brad Carrick, the promoter and Man of the Year as well as Natalia Karpenko, a model and Woman of the Year.  The evening was for celebrating Jessica Sanchez’s (model) birthday as well.  I was able to sell a lot of tickets and danced the night away!  After three announcements, someone finally claimed the prize, which was a skin care gift basket, a fancy bottle of wine from the bar, a $50 watch, and a bright yellow bikini!  I’m glad the evening was a success and I will be working with Brad Carrick again at future events!