Promo Modeling!

My lovely friend Michelle Shim owns a high-end clothing boutique in the east mall of the Japan Center Mall called Harajuku on the 2nd floor.  She gave me this beautiful faux fox fur jacket with faux leather stretchy sleeves.  The designer is Bardot and the coats go for a little over $200.  Make the perfect statement with black leggings or blue jeans and black boots!  Happy shopping!


The Origin of KatherineGirl

How was the blog KatherineGirl created, one might ask?  Well, I was inspired by Bryanboy’s blog and thought to myself, there has got to be a female version, so out popped KatherineGirl!  KatherineGirl encompasses bright flashy colors, big shades, bubblegum and lollipop fun, modern female beauty, French chicness, FUR, and a sprinkle of Barbie pizzazz!