Trend Alert: Brightly Colored Fringe Bodysuits!

I happened upon a major sale at Guess in the Westfield Shopping Mall in SF and found that they were selling brightly colored fringe bodysuits.  I bought the hot pink one immediately.  I dressed it up with Lucky Brand light wash ripped jeans, a light wash Gap denim jacket, and Guess pink and gray python trainers.  The bodysuit was only $20!  80s Barbie is here to stay!

Guess Fringe Bodysuit

Guess Sneakers




The Origin of KatherineGirl

How was the blog KatherineGirl created, one might ask?  Well, I was inspired by Bryanboy’s blog and thought to myself, there has got to be a female version, so out popped KatherineGirl!  KatherineGirl encompasses bright flashy colors, big shades, bubblegum and lollipop fun, modern female beauty, French chicness, FUR, and a sprinkle of Barbie pizzazz!