Night Rant

Blackened pools,

Cat’s eye



Night crawl,

Fanciful formulation,

Magic on a rant.


Forest buzz,

Energetic rambles,

The natural world

A live wire of

Beautiful bliss.


The Rose

How easy it is to rub

Against eternity,

To fall back bruised.


A rose’s sides,

Tarnished by



Close encounter with

The unseen,

Love unknown to itself.


Beauty unbeknownst to

Its maker,

Scraped away by winter’s



Smoked away in summer,

Bent below its full potential.


A spring to perk up its


Autumn to bed the petals.


A soft voice to caress,

The heavy drone to blow down.


Beneath its center,

A world of wakefulness,

The above universe

Swirling into regret.


A farmer to tend its


A city man to trample

Its petals.


In the light of day,

Risen to a great new height,

Basked in the glory of God

Once more.

In Place of Beauty

Turning me in to the prisoner keepers…


I’ve faulted your sacred soul.


Embittered glass,

The surveying lense holding

It’s tempest steady.


The telling is in silence,

Distance creasing folds of

A relationship overturned by



Crystal skull radiating


Hot candle wax adrip,


Hardening truths…


Can you remember our time?


Roof sitting, galaxy gazing, warm conversation

Hazing our darkness,

Separate dynasties we belong to…


Steady tempest in scrunched hands.

Your will is to love me, but

You don’t know how.


Men I’ve met,

Unlike your quiet reflecting spirit,

Unlike the drum you beat,

Unlike the difficult path you walk in

Search of justice.


For the sake of bringing

Halves into reunion,

Can you forget the angry slashing


The selfish winds,

The wrecking thunder,

In place of BEAUTY?