Support for Artists

As always, it is tough to make a living as an artist.  I’ve had to face doing a lot of creative things without any help.  It’s nice at this point to have a partner I can make music with.  Certainly writing poetry is the hardest thing.  Not a real money maker.  I do that all on my own.  I want to express that this page is meant for sharing art but I also seek to support other artists on their path.  There isn’t much government funding for the arts in America, which is unfortunate.  I would like to provide guidance and a safe space for artistic collaboration.  So drop me a line or leave a comment.  I would love to hear about other people’s artistic journeys!


Yesterday, I was contacted by a fashion collaboration site by the name of FStop.FM to be featured as a model.  The site is similar to Model Mayhem, where agencies and brands can interact and collaborate with makeup artists, models, photographers, etc…  I like that the blog has an Instagram type of feed where artists can post new projects and agencies can advertise.  If you want to sign up, be sure to use my profile link:  Happy trails to you!