Night Rider

Here is a painting I did at art camp years ago in NJ.  It’s called “Night Rider.”  It was inspired by my love for riding horses.  I used to ride in the English style at a place called Seaton Hackney Stables with my Mom when I was little.  I set it at night because there is something so serene and quiet about being out in the nighttime world.  It hangs in my Grandpa Schott’s house in NJ.  He is a treasured being, having spent his life being an inventor at Bell Labs and still life painter on the side.  He always has helped me out with my various art projects.  I used acrylic paints for this piece.  I love what a brush dipped in color can bring to the world.  Fanciful musings on canvas.  Art is love, beauty, and prayer for our souls.  Have a blessed weekend fellow artists!

2012-04-19 18.17.31

Support for Artists

As always, it is tough to make a living as an artist.  I’ve had to face doing a lot of creative things without any help.  It’s nice at this point to have a partner I can make music with.  Certainly writing poetry is the hardest thing.  Not a real money maker.  I do that all on my own.  I want to express that this page is meant for sharing art but I also seek to support other artists on their path.  There isn’t much government funding for the arts in America, which is unfortunate.  I would like to provide guidance and a safe space for artistic collaboration.  So drop me a line or leave a comment.  I would love to hear about other people’s artistic journeys!

Life of a Performer

Fame winds itself around many

And then none are taken.


Swept past the brink,

Jazzed by the oncoming


Poisoned in the acid downpour.


The life of a performer,

Revolving doors in full



Curtailed by the sweet

Taste of air,

A breath taken in,

Moment to relieve oneself

Of the approaching pain.


Head-on collision with ugliness,

Fallen away in

The soaked eyes closing

Themselves down for the









Arise Music Festival Contest

Hey everyone!  I am happy  to announce that Johnny and I have entered into the Arise Music Festival contest.  The festival will be held in early August in Loveland, CO.  The voting ends on June 1st and three lucky winners will be chosen on June 7th.   Select our name, scroll down and enter your e-mail, and click “VOTE”.  Thanks again for your support!  I am very supportive of other musicians/artists, so feel free to follow, like, and/or comment and I will return the favor.  I always like to know about new music on the scene!

Arise Music Festival Contest


“Dear Prudence” Recording

Johnny Saffire and I are in the process of recording an original version of “Dear Prudence” by the Beatles.  There will be varying vocal layers, violin, guitar, drums, and bass thrown in.  I’m looking forward to making this cover a special hit.  Visit us at  Stay tuned more articles on our musical journey!