Love Lyzardz

Poet’s fire,

Guitar sweeps.


Emotional storms aplenty,

Darkness consummated.


Beauty evoked,

Traces of dreams

Sprinkled over

Murmuring voices.


Journey unveiled,

The Hollywood desire,

Long road from

Home carrying onward.


Story to a story,

Love within love,

The artists’ far


For highest erudition.


Peace for the

Ones who listen,

Quiet for those who


A voice for those

Who cannot express,

In amorous oceans deep.


Love Lyzardz

Tiny Bones in the Gray Earth

Half a man,

Sauntering along

Upward sidewalks.



Hollowed of a core,

Smushed fruit left to the

Buzzards by an overflowing



He chose this fate.


Aloneness is a course,

A single oar to paddle with,

A dinner reservation with one,

Pencil mark written down.


He explained how

Marriage might not come.


A crescent moon might remain itself,

Nothing to round it out.


I see what you meant.


As a bird is a bird for just

Awhile, then tiny bones

In the gray earth.

The Lizard

My partner Johnny Saffire and I started our duo the Love Lyzardz several years back just talking about our musical interests in his apartment living room.  Here we are with a demo out, an original single, and a Beatles cover song on the way.  Some of our music takes from the darker side of the 60s/70s music with artists like Jim Morrison.  His animal totem the lizard very much resonates with our duo’s spiritual purpose.

The lizard is a creature that is adaptive and can transcend hugely adverse circumstances.  We are a duo that has done just that, having faced the difficulties of a modern and almost apocalyptic world, with a message all our own.  The lizard has a shrewdness and an introverted character, and that is the spirit the Love Lyzardz embodies, a will to carry on in spite of harsh setbacks and weird tumbles through space and time, and a reflective soul.   The lizard is also a symbol of rebirth.  When it comes to the lives Johnny and I have lived, tough times always bring forth the seed of regeneration out of the hard ground.

One of the first demo songs “American Doll” mirrors parts of the Doors “The End” in its psychedelic and hard hitting melody, as an American girl struggles to live up to the men in her life who have shaped her world.  She goes along, floating through the pink fantasy world that has been built for her and recollecting the struggle to be loved in a procession of men who fall for a woman merely because of her physical beauty.

It is the lizard we hold fast to, the one pitted for a stealthy escape, the ultimate survivalist in a world that shifts every microsecond.  What is tilted swingsback the other way, as the music carries on.  It is my hope that this art will be the equalizer of the rotating scales.

Love Lyzardz

Lizard Rock


In Place of Beauty

Turning me in to the prisoner keepers…


I’ve faulted your sacred soul.


Embittered glass,

The surveying lense holding

It’s tempest steady.


The telling is in silence,

Distance creasing folds of

A relationship overturned by



Crystal skull radiating


Hot candle wax adrip,


Hardening truths…


Can you remember our time?


Roof sitting, galaxy gazing, warm conversation

Hazing our darkness,

Separate dynasties we belong to…


Steady tempest in scrunched hands.

Your will is to love me, but

You don’t know how.


Men I’ve met,

Unlike your quiet reflecting spirit,

Unlike the drum you beat,

Unlike the difficult path you walk in

Search of justice.


For the sake of bringing

Halves into reunion,

Can you forget the angry slashing


The selfish winds,

The wrecking thunder,

In place of BEAUTY?

Citrus Peels

Open eyes,

Ajar door…


Your sky is

My reach,

A heaven-twisted

Reverie tucked

Behind the eyelash curtains…


Psalm as heavy

In piano keys jutting down

With weight,

As words you mark

My own with…


Pleasant awakening

With steady sweeps

Of heart chamber rhythms,

Loosened to a warm stove

Of loving feelings you’ve

Carried to me on

Elevated wings…


It is the hearth

Of humility

I’ve seen you



Promised in God’s name

You’ll have HER blessing…


My tree of youth

Takes its leaves

Beneath its bows

For your shelter,

A calamity unraveled

In peaceful serenity.


All I see are the wholes

Of citrus peels

Entwining their

Shapes to


And undone are

The innards they

Bind them selves with,

As they are the

Steady remnants of

Dreams God fastened

Them to…

Night Rider

Here is a painting I did at art camp years ago in NJ.  It’s called “Night Rider.”  It was inspired by my love for riding horses.  I used to ride in the English style at a place called Seaton Hackney Stables with my Mom when I was little.  I set it at night because there is something so serene and quiet about being out in the nighttime world.  It hangs in my Grandpa Schott’s house in NJ.  He is a treasured being, having spent his life being an inventor at Bell Labs and still life painter on the side.  He always has helped me out with my various art projects.  I used acrylic paints for this piece.  I love what a brush dipped in color can bring to the world.  Fanciful musings on canvas.  Art is love, beauty, and prayer for our souls.  Have a blessed weekend fellow artists!

2012-04-19 18.17.31