Labor Day Shopping and Dating

I’m totally stuck on “Rico Suavé,” my last fling, like I’m stuck on the overly extravagant 6-inch heels that were out of my reach at Nordstrom Rack on Labor Day.  Sexy, fancy, expensive, and completely impractical like the man I loved who didn’t sugar me with his feelings in return.  It was a quiet morning with minimal shoppers gracing the floors.  I enjoyed my stroll through the glistening racks of clearance items headed into a deeper sale of an extra 25% off.  Music to mes oreilles.  Oy vay.  Gimme some quality Wildfox Couture lilac sweatpants with leopard print hearts on the knees and a longsleeve oversized magenta “Hautedog” shirt with a cute dachsund wearing pearls.  At least fancy clothes can be had.  Maybe not my Rico Suave long lost lover.  Here’s to some bitchin’ fashion!


Nordstrom Rack logo






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