Gimme Rabbit Ears!

Hugh Hefner, may I get a pair of rabbit ears?  I’ve been hoping for so long to pose for Playboy.  My Mom’s friend Sharon had been on the cover a few times back in the 60s.  I got warmed up at Bunny Con in SF a few years back with my bf, who dressed in a black suit, white shirt, and black tie.  He certainly won hands down over the wimpy guys who dressed as carrots or wore pink fluffy bunny ears, but it is SF after all.  A creepy photographer followed us around and a shrimpy guy at one of the dive bars along the route proclaimed, “You’re a tall bunny!”  Hugh, if you can hear me, make me a playmate!!

2011-04-23 21.43.28 2011-04-24 15.35.49



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