Tips for Colored Hair

I decided to color my hair in January.  It was my New Year’s Resolution to go back to my original coloring, plus I wanted to look distinctive at the Westin St. Francis New Year’s Bash in SF!  I was light blonde at age 5 or 6 and got darker throughout the years.  I’ve been told my face looks brighter due to the changes!  I feel it gives me an edge in the modeling world.  The first salon I went to in Union Square overcharged me, so I decided to go to the International School of Cosmetology on Polk, where they made me sit for four hours while they turned my hair different crazy colors.  I found that going outside the city got me a better deal on hair maintenance.  It was a third-times-the-charm scenario!  I’ve been getting my hair touched up at Sahaira in Rockridge with Katie Woodall for just $65, and that is without blow drying.  I have experimented with different color safe shampoos, conditioners, and masks, and so far, my favorite products to use are by Biolage Matrix.  You can leave the conditioner in for 1-3 minutes and then rinse it out and the mask, which you leave in for 15 min. and rinse out, is used once a week.  Fekkai color safe products are great too and can be found at any Walgreen’s location.   I have also been experimenting with olive oil pudding once a day for styling and keeping hair silky and shiny around the roots!  You can get it at most drug stores.  Check these products out!


Olive Oil Girls Hair Pudding



Fekkai         Matrix_Biolage_Hair_Care

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