Runway Training Day #2 w/Charleston Pierce at StudioMix!

I had another incredible runway training day with the fabuoso Charleston Pierce!  The wisdom I gleaned from Saturday’s session at StudioMix was to keep the walk straightforward and simple.  Oftentimes, we think that we have to be “models” and swing our hips dramatically.  I have to think of just being my most raw and candid self.  We practiced posing in groups and learned choreography that incorporated acting and a bit of dance, which we performed individually at the end.  Valentina Saduil, a talented fashion photographer, came in and took photos of us.  We also did some mirroring in twos and walked in pairs for Charleston.  It’s all about keeping clean lines and proper spacing.  Namely, it’s all repetition, repetition, repetition!  Later on, I caught a Flamenco performance at a Spanish tapas place called Pena Pacha Mama in North Beach, and it was amazing to witness the intricacy of the arm, hip, and leg motions of the dancers and to hear from one of the hosts how many years it takes to master the steps.  Such an inspiring day!  More lessons to come on modeling/acting/runway/dance!



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