Runway Workshop with Charleston Pierce at StudioMix in SF


I took a free workshop Saturday with Charleston Pierce and his awesome female assistant at StudioMix in the AMC building on Van Ness Ave. in SF, who is both a model and an actress.  I had a lot of breakthrough moments that day, leading to a group huddle at the end in which I rejoiced and got teary-eyed.  I feel blessed to have Charleston as my new friend and life coach.  He talked to us a lot about giving the audience our genuine selves when we walked and not faking our expressions.  It was just me and a few other male models, some of whom were modeling for the first time.  Charleston showed us a beautiful runway performance of his.  He really put the smile, swagger, and soul into his step!  I was delighted to see more of it, because I didn’t know what to expect, and that is truly the mark of an original runway performance, one that delights and excites and keeps the audience asking for more.  The first walk of mine had poise, but not enough focus or direction.  The second one was a crazy spiraling dance not fit for runway in which I was looking down too much and the last one was more focused, but I have to rid myself of certain bad habits.  Charleston instructed us to lock ourselves in the bathroom and practice our expressions.  My bedroom closet door mirror and the bathroom mirror are my new office space!  I learned to bear my most authentic self without losing control or focus.  Much of the walk is a mental exercise.  We discover our best walk through careful cerebral calculation of spatial formations and poses/attitudes.  My ballet training at Dance Innovations in NJ has helped me to distinguish my walking and posing techniques.  I hope to use this training to become more familiar with my own habits and go onto having greater confidence in and control of my walk!


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