The Path to Stardom Starts with Charleston Pierce!

So I was planning on moseying down to a wine tasting by at the Blu Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel in SF and who did I run into but the Bay Area fashion legend Charleston Pierce himself!  He happened to be standing near the bar and I mentioned to Darryl, the CEO of, that I was a model and he said to me, “You must meet my friend Charleston!”  I was thinking to myself, was this in fact Charleston Pierce, the runway guru who knows every agency in SF?  He walked up to me and introduced himself.  I was flabbergasted!  I had no words.  He presented me with his business card and told me he’ll connect me to all the agencies in SF!  I was amazed that we had finally crossed paths!  I had taken modeling classes with his good friend Natalie Smith at City College last semester and I had hoped we would connect somehow.  It was truly cosmic!  Moments like this make one really believe in destiny.  I had tried modeling years ago at the age of 10.  I had been stopped in the Short Hills Mall in NJ by a NYC agent and the interview somehow fell through.  I always knew I wanted to be a model, but I decided to hold off on pursuing it until I graduated from college, which was in 2011.  I began the search after graduating from Mills College in Oakland, but had no real luck landing a job at any agency.  It is all about who you know, I later realized with the job hunt.  I feel truly blessed to have met Charleston Pierce!  One of many future doors to success has opened for me!  I went through crazy ups and downs dealing with unemployment and having no money, but I have kept on that path towards my real passion: fashion and know I’ll keep on striving until the close of my life!


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